Advantage Gold Review

If you're researching companies for the precious metals IRA, Advantage Gold is likely among the businesses on your short list for consideration. 

In this  Advantage Gold review, we've researched everything required to learn about the company to make the best decision on whether or not you need to assist them for the precious metals investments.

In this review, we dive into their history, the people that started the firm, their pricing, gold IRA fees, and anything else you'll need to investigate in order to create a smart decision.  

The gold IRA company has a major presence online, both co-founders Adam Baratta and Ziril Kagalsky have been featured in major news and financial media outlets, and Baratta is the USA Today best-selling writer of two financial books about them of precious metals.

But in a crowded field of gold IRA providers, is Advantage Gold the best choice?

Who Is Adam Baratta? 

Adam Baratta is the co-founder of Advantage Gold and the best-selling writer of two books, Gold is really a Better Way and The Great Devaluation. 

Both books have made the USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon #1 best-seller lists. 

In a former life, Adam worked in Hollywood as a screenwriter, director, producer, and was a co-founder of a film production business.

How Do Gold IRAs Work?

Normally, IRAs are funded by stocks, bonds, or paper currency. Gold and precious metals IRAs work differently. You can take some or every one of the currency in a current IRA and move it into precious metals.

While you can find different options to select from, Advantage Gold advises clients to place their money into gold bullion.

If you're interested in learning precious metal investment and wish to earn more, Advantage Gold provides a Gold IRA Guide. Whenever you go through the guide, you will find out more about IRA rollovers.

You can even learn how in order to avoid taxes and fees through the process. Furthermore, the guide walks you through a few of the key advantages of having profit gold. The stock market may be volatile, and inflation is obviously a risk.

By putting money into gold, you are able to protect your assets. Additionally, it discusses why it's important to have a diverse portfolio. Keeping all your profit paper assets could place you at risk.

Anyone who desires to become an Advantage Gold client can have plenty of guidance. From the very start, you'll be assisted by a specialist on precious metals.


Advantage Gold is a good choice for folks who are new to precious metal IRA investing. The business offers sound advice and educational programs. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and they give tons of information to assist you make the best decision about which form of coin is most beneficial for you